Executive Overview

When business owners consider whether to expand their companies or whether to relocate their companies, they look for a great business environment within a great location. They want low taxes, plenty of appropriate space, skilled workers, a livable city and interesting things to do when work is done.

Here in Southern Nevada, we offer the advantage of some of the lowest taxes in the United States‚ąíno state corporate tax as well as no personal income tax. Our workforce is both educationally and internationally diverse, young and highly service oriented, and capable of staffing operations 24-7. Our spectacular geography affords us almost unlimited outdoor adventures from great golfing, to skiing within a 45-minute drive from Las Vegas to one of the world’s top rock climbing experiences at Red Rock Conservation Area 10 minutes outside of Las Vegas. And few places on earth can compete with the entertainment, dining and shopping that Las Vegas has to offer.

Our location is strategically located within the heart of the 11 western states. The massive California market as well as those in our bordering states of Arizona, Utah, Oregon and Idaho are easily reached in one day. Southern Nevada has one of the world’s most domestically and internationally connected airports, and the area is also served by major rail lines and highways that make travel to California quick as well as connecting our area easily throughout the western United States and beyond to Mexico and Canada.

We also link the world with a superior telecommunications structure. One of the world’s largest data centers is located in Las Vegas because of what this area offers in terms of quality employees combined with being one of the least weather disaster prone places of the United States. Our universities graduate science and engineering students who are eager to continue to work and live in Southern Nevada.

The area also leads the country with more than five times the national concentration in the arts, entertainment, recreation and visitor industries. As a worldwide tourism and convention destination, Southern Nevada hosts more than 40 million visitors per year. The greater Las Vegas area alone welcomes about 3.5 million visitors per month. A significant percentage of these people are international visitors.

People travel the world over to be in Southern Nevada. Why not already be here?