Las Vegas is growing, but still has water and housing issues to face

“We’ve been running the forecast, since about 1997; we do this on behalf of the water authority and for Calrk County. We’re looking on behalf of the Water Authority and Clark County. You know, when we’re looking at these numbers, we’re looking at factors. So yeah, land and water is one of those factors. Also, we look at jobs, the portability, and then the types we do this, and forecast and why we’re forecasting that we’ll hit around 3 million people. Right now, at by 2050, but that number’s bumped around last year; it was by 2040. The reason why we do that our water authority, any authority in local government and at the state can basically get ahead of the population growth and build out. Infrastructure, policy. Make sure that we can save, in this case, reduce water usage and continue to support a growing population in the growing visitor population.”

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