During the decade from 2000 to 2010, Nevada experienced a 31.8 percent population growth rate. From 2011 to 2016, Nevada’s population grew 8.5 percent. It is the only state that maintained a growth rate of 25 percent or greater for the last three decades. In fact, Nevada has been the fastest-growing state for five straight decades. Even despite the recession and its temporary slowing of the population rate, Nevada and Clark County continue to see growth in the number of people relocating here. A continuing trend toward increasing the population in the Southwest and western United States will keep this part of the country growing strong for years to come.

According to the State Demographer, the population of Nevada was 2,953,375 in 2016. Within the state’s most populous county−Clark County−the state’s most populous city−Las Vegas−had 629,649 residents within the city limits. For the metropolitan statistical area that includes Las Vegas, the population was 2,166,181.

A strong growing population has helped make Southern Nevada attractive to both large and small businesses, from real estate to retail to high tech to entertainment to customer support enterprises.

In addition, a population that is young-median age 37-educated and highly service oriented helps provide a strong workforce for growing Southern Nevada businesses.