Selected Media Coverage of the Economic Outlook

Midyear Economic Update 2018

  • Schulz, Bailey, “Southern Nevada Has Seen Continued Growth since Great Recession,” Las Vegas Review-Journal, June 15, 2018

Economic Update 2018

  • Walker, Patrick, “Nevada’s Economy Forecast Is Sunny; Big Growth in Manufacturing and Logistics, “Las Vegas Now, December 6, 2017,
  • Raz, Nicole, “Transplants Help Nevada Address Effects of National Labor Shortage,” Las Vegas Review-Journal, December 6, 2017,

Midyear Economic Update 2017

  • Millward, Wade Tyler, “Southern Nevada Economy Still Growing, UNLV Economics Says,” Las Vegas Review-Journal, June 13, 2017,

Economic Outlook 2017

  • Candee, Adam, “Modest Economic Growth Predicted for Valley in 2017,” Las Vegas Inc, December 14, 2016,
  • Wargo, Buck, “Local Economist Predicts Slow Growth for Next Two Years,” Business Press, December 18, 2016,

Midyear Economic Update 2015

Economic Outlook 2015

Midyear Economic Update 2014

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