Site Selection

When considering starting a business in Southern Nevada, or simply relocating to the area, site selection is key. Whether you are searching for a location for a corporate headquarters, manufacturing facility, or research and development operations, the Southern Nevada area offers a multitude of options.

As of 2016, the Las Vegas area has more than 2,300 industrial buildings (over 121 million square feet of industrial space), 1,900 office buildings (more than 44 million square feet of office space), and more than 1,677 retail buildings (over 59 million square feet of retail space) on inventory with vacancy rates of 5.6%, 16.7%, and 9.1%, respectively. In Q1 of 2016, there were 6.5 million square feet of current and planned construction for industrial space, 800 thousand square feet for office space, and 700 thousand square feet planned for retail space.

For more in depth information regarding site selection in the Southern Nevada area please visit the following websites: