Southern Nevada Business Development Information

Southern Nevada is an amazing place for many reasons—some of which you’d never guess. Its spectacular desert beauty mixed with the world class excitement of Las Vegas makes for a potent combination. While it’s true that people travel from around the world to visit Southern Nevada and all it has to offer, the advantages of living and working here often go quietly unnoticed.

If you are thinking of starting or relocating your business here, congratulations. We think that’s a great idea. This region offers some of the lowest taxes in the United States, a young and educated workforce, a diverse group of people who bring skills from around the world, and an airport where connections to that world are quite easy. Southern Nevada is one of the most technologically connected places on earth as well as one with extremely low incidences of severe weather.

The Center for Business and Economic Research presents this informational guide as a place to start your research about what the Southern Nevada economy has to offer, where to go for further information, and who can help make it all happen.